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  • 07 Jun 2010
  • 09 Jun 2010
  • High Peaks Resort, Lake Placid, NY


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2010 NYSTA Annual Conference
 High Peaks Resort, Lake Placid, NY
 June 7-9, 2010

June 7th  

8:30-11:30 am 

NYSTA Board of Directors Meeting 


Golf at The Whiteface Club & Resort (Lunch Included)
Fishing Outing (Lunch  Included)

Dinner on Your Own 

8:00-11:00 pm

NYSTA Associate Member Hospitality Suite & Dance Party with DJ Joe Peebles

June 8th

7:30 AM 


8:30 AM 

General Business Session
NYSTA Chairman’s Report
NYSTA President’s Report
NYSTA Treasurer’s Report
Inspectors of Election Report
ITPA Scholarship Awards
ONYX Awards

10:00 am


10:15 am

Keynote Speaker- Mr. Brian Sampson, Executive Director of Unshackle Upstate

The View From Washington -Karlen Reed, Regulatory Counsel, NTCA 

11:30 – 1:00 

Meet the Vendors Luncheon 


Session 1

IPV6 Implementation - Andy Deinert, Vantage Point Solutions
IPVv4 to IPv6: Migration, Transition or Forklift?!! When? Why? How?  We all know the exhaust of IPv4 is inevitable.  We all know that implementation planning of IPv6 is crucial.  This session will focus on those unique aspects of the Ipv^ implementation from a service providers viewpoint.  We will sort through the hype & take a look into the future of the Internet.
Mobile Backhaul over Fiber - Andrew Freeman, Calix
This session will discuss the tools needed to craft a mobile back haul market strategy.  In addition, come join the discussion on what the market forces are that is spurring the migration to Ethernet.  This discussion with review the deployment challenges of meeting the mobile back-haul requirements at the lowest possible cost.
Just When You Thought You Owned your Telephone Company - Scott Soden, Alpina Capital
Is your Company's value in your control? Really?  Is the decision to raise capital for upgrades or make a change in ownership in your control?  Really?  The reality of the NYS Regulatory environment limits your control.  Join in the discussion concerning what LECs can do to identify key points to  retain your investment.
Improving Sales through Multi-Channel Marketing - Real World Case - Larry Beasley, Cathedral Corporation
Join Larry for to find out what a NYSTA Member, just as your self did to increase its sales through multi-channel marketing.  You don't need to be a big company or have a lot of resources to improve sales results.  Come find out what you do need to do!


Session 2 
The Changing Economics of Communications Service - Dr. David Cleary, Calix
Consumer trends suggest that entertainment video dominates Internet traffic.  An All-Video poses a new and challenging business environment for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).  The successful CSPs will deploy all-Ethernet networks that not only meet current demands, but can easily scale to a 10-fold increase.  This presentation details the changing environments and highlights to consider as you prepare for the future.
The Seven Keys To Leveraging Change - Doug Johnston, 2Transition
The only constant in life is change and unfortunately human nature resists change. Inherent in all business is this friction between these two natural forces.  So what do we do when business requires us to change to meet our goals; what do we do when the very ground under our feet changes as industries and whole markets shift; and then what do we do when every element of our organization revolts at the idea of change? “The Seven Keys To Leveraging Change” is designed to give leaders a new perspective. This interactive session takes a look at the elements of change, why we resist change, and provides a basic framework converting the challenges of change into a strategic advantage. Each participant walks away with ideas or a personal action plan to use when they get back to the workplace.

Network Planning Considerations and the NECA Tariff
Join us to find out what NECA Tariff implications should be considered as you start deploying softswtitches, fiber to the home, Ethernet and other broadband technologies.
Innovative Ideas: Tracking What You Own Increases the Bottom Line - Tom Nation, MapCom
Join us to see how management of both in-house and third party assets is possible via a visual interface, because we all know that better management of our operating expenses improves the tracking of our assets. Knowing what you own and where it is located is key to many business plans, such as relocates, disaster recovery and master planning for expansions. 


Session 3 
Marrying your Landline to your Cell phone - Matt Byrd, Metaswitch
You are invited to the marriage of the Landline to the Cell phone.  They got together for the services: Voice Mail, Call routing, and of course, call acceptance.  They stay together because both are valuable to one another.
An Overview of xWDM Technologies and Applications - David Mills, Optelian
This presentation provides an updated look at WDM technologies and how new features will be used to increase the capacity and reach of existing fiber routes. The presentation uses overviews of WDM , CWDM, DWDM as a base for introducing recent innovations  that will enhance the existing capacity and reach capabilities of xWDM in a dynamic environment
Comparing the Economics of "Fixed Wireless", and "Mobility" (Including WiMax and LTE - Bernie Gardenshire & Dave Kirk, Stutler Technologies
Know the facts about deploying fixed wireless today versus going "mobile" for tomorrow.  Which technology can you make money with today?  What is the best strategy?  Do I hold my cards or do I play them - Find out what approach makes the most sense for your business model.

Negotiating Interconnection Agreements - Martin Rothfelder, Esq., Rotherfelder Stern
Do you expect to face a request for interconnection agreement or a request to revise an existing agreement?  Are you receiving traffic from a carrier not covered by an agreement that you would like to be compensated for?  If so, then this workshop is for you.  Telecommunications attorney Marty Rothfelder will provide an overview of this process of addressing agreements and provide practical advice on how to approach interconnection agreements. 


Session 4 
Why Should I Migrate to VoIP  - Genband
Demand for residential and business VoIP services continues to grow even as spending in other communication areas tighten. All this means significant competition and opportunities for service providers as well as clear needs for feature rich, scalable and reliable VoIP solutions. Carriers expect vendors to help them generate new revenue streams while reducing churn through innovative applications. In addition, service providers require cost reduction, preservation of their investments through technology innovation and advanced professional services support. This workshop will look at ways service providers can utilize VoIP technology to help reduce costs and improve opportunities for maintaining and growing existing and new revenue streams. These include Consumer and Business Voice and Multimedia Solutions, Class 5 Office Migration Solutions, and Transit and Multimedia Interconnect Solutions.
New Innovations in OSP FTTH Deployments - Dave Kiel - Corning Cabling Systems
As telcos ramp up their FTTH deployments, it is becoming apparent that more innovative solutions are required to deploy the OSP network faster, more efficiently, and with lower up-front cost.  New innovations in the passive optical network are enabling Independent Telcos to deploy their FTTH networks faster than ever before while deferring up to 30% of the cost of the network.  This workshop will highlight these new innovations and provide real-world examples of how other companies have saved money through such deployments.  In addition, the workshop will touch on the value of these solutions as they relate to deployments resulting from Stimulus grants and loans.

If I Owned a Telephone Company - Chris Lehner, Steve Meltzer, JSI with Andy Brown, Bennet & Bennet

Most of the time, consultants and attorneys serving the independent industry take their best shot, offer their clients sound business advice and legal counsel, and then move on to the next telecom provider that requests assistance.  But what if these “experts” had to recommend broadband plans and financial strategies for their own company?  In this session, a consultant and an attorney with many years of experience working with NYSTA members and other industry participants reveal what they’d do and how they’d operate “if they owned the telephone company.” 

6:00-7:00 pm 

Annual Banquet Reception

7:00-9:15 pm  

NYSTA Annual Banquet


Casino Night ~ Network with other Telco and Associate Members
June 9th - Wednesday 

7:30 AM 


8:30 – 10:00AM 

Court Is In Session- The  Annual Regulatory Roundtable
 Mr. Mike Reed -Moderator
 Mr. Thomas Moorman, Esq.
 Ms. Karlan Reed, Esq.
 Mr. Keith Roland, Esq.
 Mr. Martin Rothfelder, Esq.




The Future Is Now Technology & Business Roundtable
 Bob Puckett –Moderator
 Mr. Doug Edwards, VP and General Manager-Delhi Telephone Company
 Mr. Patrick Murphy, Sr. Director of Engineering -FairPoint Communications
 Mr. Kevin Schneider, CTO for Adtran
Doug Fiumara, Manager – Product Development for NECA

11:45 Adjournment

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