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2013 NYSTA -TANE Issues Forum

  • 26 Feb 2013
  • 8:30 AM
  • 27 Feb 2013
  • 12:00 PM
  • 205 Wolf Road, Albany, NY 12205


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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

8:30 am    Welcome Remarks, Joe Gottwald Presiding

8:40 am    “Send Lawyers, Guns & Money” – A report
                 on the Financial Status of Small Telcos.
                 Rod Ballard, CPA & Chairman of Telergee
                 and Principal of Jackson Thornton

                 Rod will discuss Overall Financial and
                 Economic conditions, The Telergee
                 Benchmark Survey, and how to survive,
                 sustain & succeed!

9:45 am     Smart Grid
                 Nancy Doon, New York State Smart
                 Grid Consortium, will talk about the
                 status of smart grid in New York State.
                 Diane Blankenhorn, Long Island Power
                 Authority (LIPA), will discuss in
                 more detail the Smart Energy Corridor
                 project located along Route 110 on
                 Long Island. This project is a
                 partnership comprised of LIPA,
                 Stony Brook University and
                 Farmingdale State College. The
                 initiative focuses on all of Long
                 Island’s key energy related technology
                 resources into advancing the development
                 and implementation of a Smart Grid
                 including better energy utilization
                 tools and enhanced reliability for
                 customers, as well as more effective
                 use of LIPA’s electric infrastructure
                 that over time will help to mitigate
                 the unit cost of energy delivery.

10:15 am   Break

10:30 am    New York Energy Highway,
                  Michael Razanousky
                  and John Love from NYSERDA

11:15 am     NG-911: Opportunity or Threat to
                      Telecom Carriers?

                   Ray Paddock, VP, Emergency Services,
                   iNetwork - The rollout of NG9-1-1 in a state
                   can be viewed as added work with no value
                   to the carriers operating in that state.  If not
                   handled properly, this can be the case. 
                   However, NG9-1-1 can represent an
                   opportunity for carriers to reduce operating
                   costs, gain access to additional footprint,
                   and offer NG9-1-1features.  This session
                   will cover both sides of the issue for
                   carriers and recommend ways for carriers
                   to get involved early and become active
                   participants in the evolution.

12:00-1:00  Lunch

1:00 pm        Afternoon Session: - Joe Gottwald Presiding

1:05              Call Completion and the Rural Telco
                    John McHugh, Technical Director, OPASTCO

             Call Failures to the Rural Telephone
             companies has become an epidemic
             and is finally being heard by the 
             FCC.  There are new updates that
            John will bring as well as the
            initiation of action with the
            Federal Trade Commission.  John
            will also discuss the activities
            within the FCC on the transition
            of the PSTN to an all IP network.

2:00            Weather Forecast for 2013 is Mostly
                   Cloudy with a chance of Storms

                   Jon Brown, Vantage Point

                   Cloud Computing has been become
                   an industry buzzword and adoption
                   of these technologies are
                   sky-rocketing for both Business
                   as well as personal applications.
                   But the flexibility of cloud based
                   computing comes with some risks. 
                  This session will detail ways
                  consumers are leveraging cloud
                  based computing services, including
                  some un-expected applications
                  and will discuss the potential
                  security and confidentiality issues
                  that need to be understood by anyone
                  offering or subscribing to
                  cloud based services.

245:-3:00      Break

3:00 pm       
Home Automation

                   More and more consumers are
                   looking for smart homes -
                   builders are building homes
                   that can be "connected"
                   Consumers want to turn the lights
                   on, as they drive up to their
                   house, or check their energy
                   usage, turn down the thermostat,
                   or turn it up, so that it is 
                   warm when they get home.  
                  Join our moderator, Jim DeGolyer,
                  ILEC Plant/Sales Engineer of the Dunkirk 
                  & Fredonia Telephone Company while he 
                  picks the brains of Industry Experts.                    

                                Craig Steen, Clear2There  
                                Jeff McInnis, SmartRG
                                Tim Gregg – Netmania

3:45-5:00      Regulatory Roundtable

Moderator: Bob Puckett

5:30-7:00 PM  Reception in Lounge

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

8:30 am        Welcome Remarks - Wally Short Presiding

8:35 am        
Integrating Video into your Broadband

Madeline Forrer, Vice President,
                        Video Services - National Rural
                        Telecommunications Cooperative

                        Television has gone viral. Linear, TV
                        Everywhere and OTT
content is
                        available via television, internet and
    How can your company
                        participate?  Compete?  This session looks
                        at both programmer and viewer trends
                        and sheds light on video's evolution and
                        what your Telco's options are.    What are
                        the table stakes to play in the new frontier? 

9:30 am      Municipal Network Deployments

                  The frustration level of small rural
                  communities in obtaining broadband
                  has grown to a fever pitch.  Communities
                  in both New York and New England are
                  taking matters into thier own hands,
                  under the tutiledge of broadband 
                  consultants to obtain some of the
                  money from the broadband grant programs
                  and bypassing the local telco.

                 Andy Lukasiewicz, Director of Broadband Services  - ECC Technologies

                ECC – Is an engineering company
                in charge of creating the
                STN (Southern Teir Network)
                fiber Network. ECC plans to
                build a fiber network through
                3 counties. The economical
                development agency for the
                three counties have got
                together to build a fiber
                network to bring in more
                business to the communities.
                ECC also engineered the Ontario
                County Network and is working
                toward an agreement with Yates
                county. The plan is to connect
                the Fiber rings to for each of
                the projects to gain a greater
                reach across NYState.

                 Tim Nulty, CEO – EC Fiber

                  ECFiber is a collection of 23 towns
                  in East Central Vermont that have
                  come together to build a Fiber
                  To The Home network.  Tim and
                  Leslie Nulty will present how
                  this started, how the towns came
                  together, and the lesson’s learned
                  with their initial deployments.

10:30 am    Break

10:45 am    Technical Roundtable

                 Moderator: Steve Head
                 Panelists:   John MCHugh

12:00         Adjourn

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